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For Clinicians


Using and customizing the clinical time log and remote care billing instructions

5 articles

EHR Integration

Connect patient to EHR

5 articles

Get Started

Setting up the main functions, personalizing the portal and smart events.

11 articles

Manage Your Devices

Tracking, assigning and unassigning patient devices

5 articles

Onboard Patients

Onboard patients via invitation and deleting patients.

5 articles

Communicate with Patients

Video calling, messaging, and bulk messaging.

5 articles

Setting Up Your Patient

Care plans, clinical time logging, patient logbook, results, Dexcom and more

15 articles

Manage Your Dashboard

Navigate/customize your dashboard, search/filter for patients, and more

11 articles


Create reports for individuals or a large number of patients

9 articles

Dock App (BETA)

Point-of-care BGM data uploader Windows application

3 articles

For Patients

Get Started

Signing up via Email

3 articles

Patient Data

How to export patient data files

1 article

CareSimple 4G Devices

How to use your devices and how to set them up

7 articles

Bluetooth Devices

Pairing and troubleshooting your bluetooth medical devices

17 articles

Communicate with Your Doctor

Message your doctor, complete questionnaires, and answer video calls

3 articles

View Your Care Plan/Results

View your logbook/results and understand your care plan

3 articles

Record Measurements/Notes

Taking your measurements and adding notes to your logbook

10 articles


Set your language preference and change the units on the app

3 articles